I Like the NBA Better Than the WNBA



        Basketball is actually a cool sport, along with soccer, tennis, and squash. Yes, I said squash. Give squash a chance people, it is actually cooler than tennis. Of course I played squash so I am a bit bias. Sorry, personal plug in! Anyway back to the subject: Basketball.

Look, I am not going to lie and say that I know every professional team and that I know everything about basketball. I mean most cities have a team, right? LOL…Just Kidding! All I really care about are three teams (ordered by importance): The New York Knicks, Boston Celtics, and Los Angeles Lakers. Those are the three teams that I like and that I support, unless of course the New York Knicks are playing either of the two latter teams. The NBA is cool to me and yes I enjoy watching games.

That being said, I do not know one WNBA team. I feel like I should be ashamed, but I am not. The truth is, I do not enjoy watching women’s professional basketball games. They are slower and just boring! I am not saying that women cannot throw down when it comes to basketball, I just do not find it exciting. I go to college and if given the option I would go to a men’s basketball game before I went to women’s basketball game. I work with athletics and although it is not advertised, more work is put into the men’s basketball games.

I do not think I am any less of a woman for enjoying men’s games over women’s games, I am just telling the truth. The truth is that we as a society have a lot of double standards for gender identification. As a woman, sometimes I cannot carry that heavy object without some help, and sometimes I can. Also, I would love for a guy to pay for the date and yes I think some things should be left up to men. As women we are responsible for bringing life into the world. That is a big freaking deal!!!! Men should pick up some other things in life. Gender ideals should be decided by individual situations.

So I am sorry if the fact that I like watching men’s basketball over women’s basketball takes away my feminist card, but I am not sorry for the way I feel. I like watching men’s basketball because it is fast, exciting, fun, and has men! That is the honest truth…I get to watch an exciting sport with (some) attractive men. 

P.S: To make you radical feminists feel better: I enjoy women’s squash more than men’s squash.



I Am In Love

Words. Every letter connecting to the next, words make sentences, and sentences make paragraphs. The cycle goes on and for some reason people take advantage of it. Words are truly beautiful. Without words, our sense of communication is gone. Simply vanished. I love words. They have helped me listen, speak, and understand. 

Words. Being able to tell my loved ones that I love them. Being able to say “Yes” and “I do” one day in the future and saying “I love you.” to my future child. They are absolutely amazing and they hold more power than anything else in this world. Without words, people would not hurt and with every action there are a slew of words behind it. That is because we are human. Infinitely human. We think by processing and words are what fuels that process. 

Words. I am in love with them. My love is what drives me to write for the rest of my life and make a career out of it. I am in love. 

Words. They are “chill as fuck.”

Why is honesty rare?

        My friends tell me that I always “Keep it real”. This notion of me being the girl who tells you the truth has given me the stigma of being “Chill as fuck” and “Funny as hell”. These statements are of course not a problem whatsoever. But, whenever people appreciate my honesty, I think about my mother. My mother is the epitome of honesty…I think she “keeps it real” WAY more than I do. She will tell me things that I do not want to hear, but of course have to hear in order to better myself. This upbringing by my mother is of course why I have my personality and my sense of honesty. Of course I have no problem with people appreciating my sense of truth, but I am quite confused as to why honesty is a rare delicacy in the world.

       Why would I ever want to “keep it fake” or allow people to believe things that are not truthful? If my friend did something wrong, I will tell her. If I messed up, I will eventually come to terms that I made a mistake and move on. No more of this fake bullshit about being nice and shielding people’s feelings. I do believe there is a line between honesty and malice, but if the intentions are pure, that line should never be crossed. I would rather someone come to me and say, “I do not like you, but I will respect you” then be in my face everyday smiling like we are the best of friends. I like honesty. It is intelligent, kind, sexy, and beautiful.  I want my honesty to be everyone’s honesty. It can be as simple as telling someone they look beautiful or telling them that toilet paper is stuck to their shoes. It does not take a lot out of you to tell the truth. I always remember my mother saying, “It is harder to lie, because once you lie you have to remember the lie and then lie on top of that lie. By the time you finish you have to remember twenty or more lies”. Moms are truly always right. 

Seriously just tell the truth. I love that people love my honesty, but in a world where technological communication is expanding and physical communication is decreasing, I want everyone to speak truthfully. It is easy…just try it.