I Am In Love

Words. Every letter connecting to the next, words make sentences, and sentences make paragraphs. The cycle goes on and for some reason people take advantage of it. Words are truly beautiful. Without words, our sense of communication is gone. Simply vanished. I love words. They have helped me listen, speak, and understand. 

Words. Being able to tell my loved ones that I love them. Being able to say “Yes” and “I do” one day in the future and saying “I love you.” to my future child. They are absolutely amazing and they hold more power than anything else in this world. Without words, people would not hurt and with every action there are a slew of words behind it. That is because we are human. Infinitely human. We think by processing and words are what fuels that process. 

Words. I am in love with them. My love is what drives me to write for the rest of my life and make a career out of it. I am in love. 

Words. They are “chill as fuck.”


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