Why is Bleaching so Popular?


I just read an article that 1 in 3 South African women are bleaching their skin.

This breaks my heart immensely, especially since I am a chocolate skinned woman. Being this skin tone makes me proud. I believe my skin is beautiful and whether or not other people think that too…it is their business. 

I know that dark complexioned women are not favored in the media, but fuck the media!!! Seriously, I truly believe that women should not bleach their skin to conform to the media’s beauty standards. Being of African heritage is a beautiful thing, just like being of Asian or European heritage. 

Look, if a man does not want to be with you because your skin is too dark, he has the issue not you. As women we have to realize that every one of us are different and that not every body will not think we are attractive. I know that there are people out there that believe I am gorgeous and there are people out there that think I am unattractive, but that does not matter. I think that I am beautiful, despite the imperfections that I might complain about. 

Believing that you are beautiful is the key to not being in a shocking statistic such as 1 in 3 women in South Africa are bleaching their skin. This whole being lighter is a concept that has to die. I will start by starting with myself, I am from an African American mother and a Ghanian father. I am a beautiful dark skinned woman. I wish more dark skinned women believed this.

I really do wish I could speak to that 1 woman in that South African statistic and tell her she is beautiful and that her skin is included in that beauty. No I am not #TeamDarkSkin, I am am #TeamBlackisBeautiful. To those women who are bleaching their skin for society or men…..fuck society and men. Love yourself first and trust me the right man will come along. Because let us be truthful, society might not ever come around.

Anyway I love myself, so you should love yourself too.



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