Why I Am Comfortable With Sitting and Waiting


That is not me.

I Am Lazy.

Not in the I do not do work in college way. Not in the I do not want to be successful way. Not in the I sleep on the couch and eat cheetos all day way.

I am lazy in the romantic sector of life way.

I am the girl who sits and just looks at the guy she has a crush on. Seriously… To be honest I sometimes will not even look at him. Why? Its me.

I read an article about how you have to go after the things you want. Not completely right. I do not have to do anything damn thing I do not want to do. If I am comfortable sitting and doing nothing, it is my prerogative. But the only difference between me and all the other girls that sit around pining after boys is that there are no real reasons why I cannot go and get what I want.

I am a smart girl, so I never like guys that have girlfriends. I never like guys that are out of control. I never like guys that are complete assholes. I am a pretty, smart, and simple girl, so I like handsome, smart, and simple guys. It is truly that simple.

The problem is that I do not have any inclination to change the position I am in. I would rather wait for the guy that I like to come and tell me that he likes me or chill. Now some people…including this article I read, will tell me that I am so stupid because I could be letting love slip from my fingertips.

Sorry but I am totally old fashioned. I feel like the guy has to chase the girl. A girl chasing a guy is not for me. Now I am not saying that the chase has to be grand and over the top. I am simply saying that asking the girl out on a date would be nice.

So yes, I am that girl who is comfortable with sitting and waiting. The thing is, I am not always waiting for the guys I have crushes on. I am waiting for the guy who is brave enough to ask me on a date. I do not think there is anything wrong with waiting.

I am not waiting for my husband, life partner, or soulmate. I am waiting on a smart and simple guy. The guy I have a crush on is probably a great guy, I mean I would not like him if he was not. But the reality is that he could not like me, not like anyone, or is just chilling. And unlike other girls, I will not question his life choices. He has his choices, like I have my choices.

“You are letting love slip from your fingertips!” Since I am sitting and waiting, love was and is not in my fingertips.

“You have to go after what you want!” Sometimes what you want is not what you need, and that applies in many sectors of life.

What I need will come to me eventually in my life. If that happens to be my crush of the season, then it is a win win for me. But if not, I will watch my crush, while sitting and waiting for the brave one to come along. Who knows the guy behind my crush of the season could be that simple guy.

Sometimes sitting down and doing nothing is actually the best thing to do.


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