Lets Just Mess It Up


Today I had a productive day. I found some books, I had great classes, and I enjoyed my friends. I also learned a simple lesson.

My professor, who has a brilliancy about her spirit, said in class today: “Lets Just Mess It Up”

Those five words, appear to be meaningless. But to me they are exactly what I need to hear. Especially, as a young college student. Yesterday I was talking to someone and they said to me that they were getting old. After I laughed at the statement because they are young, I realized I even forget how old I actually am. And now reflecting on the situation, I would have agreed with them. We are all getting old. Time is running out.

Lets Just Mess It Up.

Live life. Be free. Explore the possibilities. Life is short. How many times do people have to tell me this in order for me to get it? My mother is right, I have a “Hard head”. Even now as I am writing this, I still do not believe that I fully understand the concept of living life now. But I am starting to, and that is all that matters.

Life is happening right now and honestly it is a little terrifying that I may not be able to do everything that I want to do.

I was reading a beautifully written piece by Reva Santo (a fellow student) on her photography/writing blog called Honey and Smoke. She spoke about how life is now and how  the next moment is not guaranteed. Reva mentioned the fear that placed in her, and I have a similar feeling. Reading her words captivated me because not only were they beautifully crafted, they were painstakingly true.

Lets Just Mess It Up.

Five words from a professor told me that I need to continue living a rich “lived experience”. Two words that she also mentioned in class. A lived experience that would allow me to explore life.

Lets Just Mess It Up.

Those words used to have a negative connotation to me, but when my professor said them with a smile, it became positive. She personified those words and allowed them to become tangible and palpable in the room. I could not ignore those words. Her presence gave the words a presence and I had to ponder on them.

A woman who has a brilliancy about her spirit, said five words and they simply made me think:

I have to start

messing things up.

Here is a link to Reva’s blog: http://honeyandsmoke.com (copy and paste it)


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