Beyond Death


Today is my Grandmother’s birthday.

I have never met her because she died before my mother had me, but through my mother her spirit has lived on and touched me in many ways. She is the epitome of living beyond Earth.

I am a part of her, facilitated by the spirit of God. When we lose someone, we never really lose them. My mother has taught me that; she has proved that through the communicating of stories and people. And I think now, so this is how our ancestors passed their wisdom beyond their years on Earth.

Death is an entity I have not fully dealt with, and just like a lot of other people, I possess fear towards it. But through the examples of my grandmother, I have realized that death is only essentially losing ones body. Not the soul. Not the impact they created. Not the love they shared.

I love my grandmother, and people could wonder how could you love a woman you never met? I love her because she created and made my mother the person she is. I love her because she also indirectly made me. She is a woman I take claim of, she is my grandmother and I know she is proud of me and especially my mother.

Souls. Spirits. Entities. Feelings. They are all around us and I believe in them. I believe we all have them and that one day they will surpass us.

I love you Grandma.

Happy Birthday.


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