Does Valentine’s Day Suck?


So tomorrow is Valentine’s Day.

Look, I am not going to feed you the whole “Valentine’s Day is a commercial holiday! I do not want someone to do anything for me!” Isn’t every damn holiday a commercial holiday? Why is this one so different? Oh right I remember! It sometimes reminds people that there is this thing called love and that they do not have a romantic significant other to share it with.

Here is my viewpoint on Valentine’s Day: I think it is wonderful! Any holiday that says it ok to get chocolate (something I love), flowers (pretty things), and have most objects in red (my favorite color). I am totally for that holiday.

But the reason why this one might be my lowest, is because every Valentine’s Day I had a valentine. When I was little it was my whole class. Which means I had more boys giving me valentines than most people in their lives. Take a minute to be jealous.

Along with the 39 other valentines I had as a child, I also had my mother. She was the best valentine ever!! She got me awesome things!! As I got older, my mother became my only valentine.

I was content with that, I never yearned for a guy to be my valentine because my mother was always there. So understand my surprise when my mother said she did not accept my request for her to be my valentine this year and asked me who my valentine was.

I believe she is joking, but it made me think. What will I do when my mother decides she actually does not want to be my valentine? Will I become bitter like other people I see? Or will I buy myself some chocolate?  

I do not know what I will do, but all I know is that Valentine’s Day is a cool holiday and that a box of chocolate is sufficient in my eyes. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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