I Simply Want Him More Because He Looks The Other Way


I was inspired by the song “Crave You” by Flight Facilities and an article on Thought Catalog to write this post.

Boys have always been a big part of my life. But for some reason I cannot get them out of my conversations, even when they are not around me. Especially now. Everywhere I look there are crushes being formed, crushed, and reciprocated. I think it is because of college. But what I have seen the most is girls crushing on guys who have no idea they exist.

Now I am not going to act like I am above this phenomenon of crushes because I am a human and everyone has at least one crush that figuratively decapitates them. For some reason a friend told me that she thinks crushes are addicting. I asked her why and she told me, that there is never any rejection, so really everything is a fantasy.

“I simply want him more because he looks the other way”-Crave You by Flight Facilities

When she said that I figured it out.

I figured out that crushes were great past times. You spend all your time trying to get a person to like you, knowing that they will not give you want you need. Which is: 1) a relationship/sex or 2) rejection. It is the perfect purgatory because no one gets hurt. There is no awkward silences, bad dates, or sad rejections. If anything else happens the fantasy of the crush ends and one actually gets: crushed.

Boys are prone to this as well, so do not think this is a one sided situation.

Relationships are time consuming, so I think I see how crushes play their part in the dating world.


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