I Almost Forgot


I almost forgot why I fell in love.

I was reminded on a Monday night. Talking is sometimes the best cure to amnesia. She spoke to me and told me why she loved so hard. As I listened, I realized I was a neglectful lover. The passion and fervor in her voice allowed me to realized that I used to sound like that, but in a month’s time, I almost forgot.

I fell in love when I was six years old, but I always fight the good things. I fought my love, for a long time until I fell all over again one night. I cried that night it happened again. It was stronger, more potent than the first time. There I was, sitting over the computer and typing at three in the morning. I cried the whole time I wrote and in that moment I realized my tears were jubilant tears. That was when it was solidified, my love was writing.

He waited patiently for me for years, way longer than I think any man will wait for me. He stood in the shadows and allowed me to continuously dismiss him. But when I was ready, he opened his arms and took me. I was crying because I was happy and so silly for not realizing earlier.

I have had writer’s block for the past month and that is why I have not written anything on my blog for some time. I had so many ideas, but nothing came out. Now I am writing as fluidly as before. In order to perfect my craft, to make use of it, and let it support me; I need to keep writing.

I almost forgot.

That was a scary feeling, but I remembered.

I remembered.