Beauty Can Go Screw Itself


A few days ago I decided to forgo beauty.

For all my life I have had a desire to be beautiful. Now before anyone yells at me while reading this, I know that I am an attractive young woman. But everyone always desires for more.

A few days ago I had a thought while looking in a magazine. Fuck Beauty. Fuck It.

It was not an angry thought, just a simple and sensible thought. A thought I should have had a long time ago. No matter how much anyone tries they will never be beautiful to everyone, so why the effort? Being beautiful has its benefits, I will not deny that fact. Being beautiful will get me through the front door, but will it get me all the way in? I don’t know, but I am not relying on something as fleeting as beauty to help me succeed in life.

Now I will not lie and say that I do not have things that I want to alter about my appearance, but it is for a different reason now.

You know what I want to be?

Striking, Noticeable, and Innovating. I want my presence to cause a frenzy. My eyes should make a person question their purpose. My mouth should cause intellectual debates, full of emotion. My skin will shine its importance to me and the world. If someone wants to call that beauty, then so be it. But I am done with beautiful…its too damn fickle for my taste.

Creativity, liberation, and success serve more stability in my life. I will take that any day over beauty.