The Boy Chronicles #3


As I have been posting these, people close to me have tried to guess who the men are and I just want to remind readers that not every man is directly related to me. SO….to the people who think they can guess who these men are, you may or may not be able to (I enjoy the tries lol). Thanks for reading!!!!


The Boy Chronicles Installment #3



Fucking asshole. You are the scum of the earth. Come into my dwelling again and I will kill you.

It’s never a question if I have ever liked you.

You have always been the weird one to me. Resorting to violence to solve your problems. Putting your hands on she, her, and them.

Being worst than the brother that died.

Threaten her again and I will kill you.

Touch my creator and being and watch your demise.

It’s not a question of morality.

Dead is what you are better as.


#10 (part 1)


These are the series of questions I wanted to ask you:


  • Why do you always smile really big when you see me? You are just nice right?
  • Do you enjoy saying my name? If so why?
  • Who am I to you?
  • Do you want to be someone to me?
  • Do you want to know my inner thoughts?
  • Could we possibly have the same thoughts?
  • How do you feel about me?


Answer honestly please.

You and I believe in silence too often.


#11 (part 2)

I think I revel in unanswered questions because I am scared of the answers. But this is not about me, it’s about you. Your being is one of questions. Questions that other people want the answers to. Answers that people go to you and get. What you do not know is that I want the answers too.

But I will never ask you. I am letting you lose what you do not know you want. Or maybe I am wanted.

Just please stop looking at me. Stop asking about me. Do not touch me. Stop being interested by my words.

Your silence is terrifying and comforting. What am I saying? You must be so confused. You must question who I am. You must wonder what my eyes say. You must want to scream what I mean to you. You want to scream that I am NOTHING. You want to scream that I am SOMETHING. I said that you and I believe in silence too often.

I was wrong.

I believe in silence.

You are driven to silence by me.



Pure beyond measure. Yet you want to be dirty. Stains on your manhood are marks of beauty to you. You want to be rid of the purity of your seeds.

She does not love you.

How do you react to that? How do you love and one does love back?

You took it as a challenge. A game you could win. You forgot that she had a choice in your game. She was the prize and you did not want your money to go to waste if you lost.

She allowed you to reach levels, but every time you got close…you failed.

You want her shit to dirty you so bad. Not living her does not mean that you will not live.

Let her dirty someone else. Let her fuck up herself.

Purity is manhood, contrary to popular belief.



The Boy Chronicles: 2nd Installment


The Boy Chronicles: Installment 2


You are lovable. You are the boy I am so proud of. I want you to be there for my son and show him that men who are made of cocoa can be powerful. I love you.

I love you because you check in. You understand what friendship is and means. This does not mean that you are perfect but you are growing with me.

People ask if we knew each other for a long time, we didn’t. We clicked.

A laugh made us the best of friends. You make me feel comfortable. Stay in my life. I feel you might slip away.

I hate fleeting connections…

update: people change



You are the person who gave me a title. Running with culture dripping from your veins, you tell me what I see. And give me a little of your world. I see love.

Simply, you love women.

That’s never a bad thing.

You love her and me. You gave me faith. With you, culture drips from me too, and I love you for that.

You showed me love. Long lasting love. Love that travels for over twenty years. That is beautiful to me.

You are who I want my son to be like.





That is your favorite word to her. She savors your presence like the sun shining on a cold day, but your absence is one thing she knows well. Upon your return, words shut her mouth because you always seem to say the right things.

Who wants to be the selfish one when you are in dire need?

The end is always close to the beginning.

Which one are you near?



Gold. White. You are my fantasy…in more ways than one. You are the forbidden man that is tangible.

In every step I see why I could be with you or one like you, but then I stop.

Stopped by the news that yields more inequality.

I want you but don’t want you.

Why do I want you?

Because you are what I want or what I have been told is perfection?


Also y’all get ready for next week’s! The next set have my two favorite vignettes out of the whole series. 


The Boy Chronicles


During my sophomore year I started to write about some of the males in my life, just as a past time. I decided to write vignettes about them, as I could divulge information but never allow readers to guess who the men were. These males are family members, friends, strangers, and even men who do not affect my life. These vignettes have been written sporadically over the past two years.

Each week I will publish four vignettes, enjoy!


The Boy Chronicles: Installation #1


You are a spice. Cinnamon, like your smooth skin. Easy on the eyes. You make girls swoon with your words and Latin tongue. Fire you speak, or fuego that is.

But, I have always had a preference for ice.

You are the epitome of boy giving too much. Tell this girl that, tell another one this. Stop spreading yourself too thin, baby. Be real. Never fake. Say how you feel. Do not hurt my friend.

Wait, you already did that.

When I see you disappointment is plagued on my face because I know that you can be more than what you portray. I know you can be it all. Baby, maybe I am closed off because you seem unworthy of me opening my doors.



Down. That is where you come from. But just because you are from down does not mean you are not special. You are everything we ask for. Caring, funny, attentive, and best of all you are a great listener. You love us. And we love you.

Your persona is more than what you wear and look like. You are more than what other people see. You are the surprise we got while waiting for the main attraction. When you speak we listen. Helpful.

Is it because of this that we are not with you. None of us want to make that step. Is it possible to love someone to a point that friendship is all one can imagine? If so, we have hit that point. We love you and you love us. That is all that matters to me.



Mister, excuse me for writing my thoughts. You told me that you wanted to hear about me so here we are. I am the wind blowing trying to make you feel the cold I felt. I am the hail trying to make you hurt the way I did. I do not know if I love you. Is that bad?

To not know if love is in my heart for you?

Do you love me? I know it’s the question that sends most of you boys running. But I want to know if you love me. Not that it would change the past, but it would show me that in words you understand what affection is. Obviously you lack that in actions.

I know that she is not better than me. That is one thing you never have to tell me. I know my ability is way more than hers, but reminding you of your lost opportunities is never bad. Mister, excuse me for not saying what you wanted to hear.

I’ll walk away now.




You are too special to see what you mean to us.

You are too young to see what we see when we hug you.

You are too naïve to what we are trying to prevent you from.

We love you. But we do not want that for you.

They say you look like me. That makes me happy. Yet, you are becoming him.

I love him, but you more. I know it is wrong to say that one loves another more than the other, but I do, and she does too. Don’t hide your love from her like him. Do not depend on her like he does. Do not depreciate her life, like he does.

Be better. For her. For me. For you.