The Boy Chronicles: 2nd Installment


The Boy Chronicles: Installment 2


You are lovable. You are the boy I am so proud of. I want you to be there for my son and show him that men who are made of cocoa can be powerful. I love you.

I love you because you check in. You understand what friendship is and means. This does not mean that you are perfect but you are growing with me.

People ask if we knew each other for a long time, we didn’t. We clicked.

A laugh made us the best of friends. You make me feel comfortable. Stay in my life. I feel you might slip away.

I hate fleeting connections…

update: people change



You are the person who gave me a title. Running with culture dripping from your veins, you tell me what I see. And give me a little of your world. I see love.

Simply, you love women.

That’s never a bad thing.

You love her and me. You gave me faith. With you, culture drips from me too, and I love you for that.

You showed me love. Long lasting love. Love that travels for over twenty years. That is beautiful to me.

You are who I want my son to be like.





That is your favorite word to her. She savors your presence like the sun shining on a cold day, but your absence is one thing she knows well. Upon your return, words shut her mouth because you always seem to say the right things.

Who wants to be the selfish one when you are in dire need?

The end is always close to the beginning.

Which one are you near?



Gold. White. You are my fantasy…in more ways than one. You are the forbidden man that is tangible.

In every step I see why I could be with you or one like you, but then I stop.

Stopped by the news that yields more inequality.

I want you but don’t want you.

Why do I want you?

Because you are what I want or what I have been told is perfection?


Also y’all get ready for next week’s! The next set have my two favorite vignettes out of the whole series. 



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