Boy Chronicles #4 (Last Installment)


Thank you for reading all of these! This is the last installment in the Boy Chronicles. Enjoy!



There are probably more of you. But I cannot think off the top of my mind how many times I have allowed you to pass me.

You look like you are afraid of the dark. Baby, I am the definition of dark. To live me, you need a nightlight to see where my mind is. To touch me you need to travel a dark and lonely road.

You look like you need me.


You weren’t supposed to touch me. We weren’t supposed to do it. Yet we did.

I let you do it because it felt good. You did it because it filled a temporary void.

You are scared of solitude, I crave it. We are on opposite ends. We pretend with each other. We proclaim honesty, but we lie more.

I respond to your touch. You respond to mine.

But you don’t care. And you taught me that intimacy isn’t worth as much as I thought.

In a small way you hurt me and you weren’t supposed to do that.

Yet you did.


Surprise. You are a surprise. Relaxed and calm. Always watching and feeling out other people.

I thought we would get along well.

But the value of touch is so lost to you.


I never thought I would be an option.

You were the first to say you were interested in me with no inhibitions. But you aren’t letting go of the past. And that might not be as big of a problem as other people make it.

And for a second my selfishness allowed me to think that I could have my cake and eat it too.

But I care about you and I think you do too. That’s all that matters.