10 Things I Learned In A Week


I am sitting here sick and tucked into bed before 9pm on a Friday night celebrating the end of my first week of work! Woooo! Party! And while most of my blog posts are creative pieces, this one is more of my own musings and lessons I got from this past week.

  1. The first job you get out of college does not make or break you or decide your career. I knew this for a while but this week affirmed it. I have been doing enormous amounts of research and something I keep seeing is that a person’s career is filled with twists and turns. You can be in finance and then become a record producer. In order to make it happen you need to work.
  1. Wherever you work hired you because they believe you can do the job. Sometimes that is all the motivation you need.
  1. I can still look up amazing quotes while working. This job is meant for me.

“Writing can be lonely but it’s a wonderful kind of aloneness.  I often reach a point where the world I am creating seems more vivid than the world I occupy.”

                                                                                               -Hanya Yanagihara

  1. Kindness is everything. Some people have said to me in the past they hate the workplace or internships because they have to smile at everyone and it feels false. I totally understand. I mean how many times can I smile at the woman who always seems to use the bathroom at the same time I do? I don’t know how many times, but people remember those moments and when I need that woman for something my smiles will go a long way.
  1. The world of education is so fascinating. Its more than just sitting students down and teaching them. It is so complex. I cannot wait to learn more.
  1. On that note, I am learning everyday.
  1. I have officially become “boring” in the span of a week. I wake up at 6am everyday, go to the bathroom, get dressed, and eat a bowl of Cheerios. I look in the mirror, contemplate wearing foundation and decide not to wear it. I end up just doing my eyebrows and wearing mascara. I catch the same train and arrive at work early. I leave work and come back to watch tv, think about work, and go to sleep before 12am.
  1. (Look at #7) I love it. What you may call boring, I call being stable. And after four years of different schedules, dorms, and sometimes friends, it feels good to predict my next step.
  1. Everyone asks for help. Even your boss and if they don’t, you should be worried.
  1. I know that despite the natural hierarchy that most offices and businesses run on, my youth is not a hindrance. And I am not afraid to voice my opinion. I have enough faith to know that my being comes from a unique perspective that no one else has. That alone makes me useful in ways no one else can be.
  1. Success never happens overnight. (I know I said 10, but hey, you only live once!)

Needless to say I am content and I am excited to see what is going to happen next.

As always, I will find time to write.


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