Here it is! The first in my series of Marquita’s Messy Mondays, where I discuss something that happened in pop culture in my witty voice (lol).


Sunday night was too much for me to handle.

Who knew I would wake up to be STRESSED at all the activities that happened last night at MTV VMAs?

So here is what I learned at 6am on Monday morning:


  • Beyonce took up 15 minutes of the VMAs, killed it, and I teared up to be honest with y’all. She performed the poems too….
  • Rihanna wore the coolest (kinda weirdest) outfits, was gorgeous as usual, and won an award
  • Teyana Taylor. Girl. Chill. But also don’t chill.
  • Iman Shumpert, you blessed.
  • I like Ariana new look. Its cute.
  • Why is Nicki still with Meek?
  • Following Rihanna’s snapchat is the best choice I have made in life
  • Also Kanye might not be so crazy….


But the HIGHLIGHT of the night was Drake professing his love to Rihanna.

Now this isn’t just important to me because I love Drake and adore Rihanna.

This is important because this union is honestly a very healthy representation of a woman running thangs.

I know all of you are like “Marquita, how are you about to pull this argument off?”

Stay with me. I promise I won’t take long

Rihanna or Robyn (as I call her) is the epitome of the carefree black girl. She walks around wearing whatever she wants, looking gorgeous as hell, got all her best friends a job, and is hard working. She about her business and she doing a damn good job. Girl got eight albums, outselling tons of artists, and most importantly, rock a new hairstyle each week. And her clothes, y’all, her clothes. I have pictures of her outfits saved just so I can recreate them.

RiRi fell in love and was abused by the one who she loved. She went against everyone’s wishes and tried again with Chris Brown because she loved him. I mean how relatable is that to people? Rihanna feels like a tangible entity and she thriving.

Drake. He is a lot but I am about it. Drake is out here in the strip club with girls, trying to save them but also being extra. Rihanna and him have this on and off thing and I have always supported it.

But last night was important because Drake said he loved her, Rihanna blushed, he went in for a kiss, and she curved him. Honestly I don’t even need to know if they are together for real or not because my life was made.

This woman has complete ownership of herself. She curved Drake on stage because she can and then she took pictures with him and her mom 5 minutes later. These are they type of images we need for women. We need authenticity. These are goals.

We will  always wonder if Rihanna loves Drake.

Or if Drake was doing that thing men do: lie.

 Either way my life was made last night and now I know going to bed and being responsible is the wrong thing to do.



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