Wednesday Writes is my new series which is where I share a creative piece of writing. Today I decided to share something short and steamy….

Is My Dress Too Short?

I am in front of your building


In a dress so short, the wind caresses my thighs

You turn the corner to see me

A slow smirk spreads across your face

Legs, hips, chest, and finally lips

All the places you look before you land on my eyes

Its funny how that particular look would disgust me

Yet in this moment, I welcome it

My wine stained lips purse in anticipation

Of our next move

The door creaks as it opens

You follow the sway of my dress

Words begin to spill out

I look at you

Somehow you never finish your sentence

And my heel clicks as you reach for your keys.

“Hurry,” I whisper.

The collision of my back and the wall

Signal our entrance

And in a moment’s notice

My dress slides to the ground

But as I write this I remember this never happened

So I guess I should ask,

Should we make this reality?









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