Since today is Labor Day, I figured Marquita’s Messy Mondays should be about someone working a little too hard.

Insert Lena Dunham.

To be completely honest with y’all, I have never cared for her.


Her depiction of her life in TV show form, Girls, just never appealed to me. Growing up in New York City, Lena’s NYC wasn’t my experience. There was not one black person on her show the first season. I mean black people weren’t even walking around New York City on her show.

A NYC without black people?



Then she tried to solve the problem of there being NO BLACK PEOPLE in her show by bringing a problematic republican black male as her love interest….

She had to go.

But the reason Lena is the subject of my messy Monday is that she took it upon herself to talk mess about Odell Beckham Jr.

Beckham is a lovely and beautiful football player for my favorite team the Giants, and was an attendee of the Met Gala. Where apparently he was seated at the same table as Lena and didn’t say anything to her.

He wasn’t obligated. He was probably just as mad as I was that Rihanna wasn’t there.

Somehow Lena took his silence to mean that Odell thought she was fat, unattractive, and not the type of woman he would want to have sex with.

Once again Odell said not ONE word to her.

Lena, baby.

Poor woman who believes her existence is that important. Lena is just straight up messy. Not only did she publicly come out and act as if she was exposing Odell, she also told on herself.

What better way to tell the whole world that you dislike yourself, than by creating insults no one said to you?

I almost feel bad for her.

On top of all of this, her apology to Odell addresses her insecurities by her saying there is a violent history of white women lying on black men. This is very true but it just felt wrong coming out her mouth. I just want her to sit down and explain to her boyfriend why she was stressed over another man.

So Lena you are the topic of my messy Monday because you just confused the entire world with your anger and ranting. We didn’t want to hear about you, but then you did this, and now we roast you.

My final note:

Lena, leave Odell alone, he has to keep playing football for my city and being very very attractive.







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